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What to expect in our sessions:

Our sessions last 30 min for preschools and 45 min for afterschool classes 

We divide our classes in 5 min blocks, covering basic conversation and monthly topics

Our sessions are structured in the following way: 

- Circle time where we work on basic knowledge: introductions, emotions, colors, days of the week, the weather

- Introduction or review of monthly topic, depending on age it can be 1 or 2 a month.

- Puppets to engage the class and promote imagination. 

- Songs with movement related to the topic, and either games, stories, theater games or small crafts, varying every week of the month, depending on age, to approach topics from different perspectives. 

- End of session with goodbye song 

What to expect in our sessions:

Positive reinforcement through small sentences and enthusiasm of teachers,  that they repeat throughout all the sessions

Celebrating diversity through all the cultural festivities, learning about the different cultures of our community.

Change of activities to develop more focus and engagement, to bring more excitement to our classes and to have more fun! 

Espáñate Community

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