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Welcome to Espáñate

Speak Spanish from
Day 1!

Welcome to Espáñate!

​Espáñate has designed Spanish sessions to introduce children to a second language at an early age, adapting to the children and creating fun and dynamic Spanish sessions together with the parents, following a routine to learn the language in a very easy, comfortable and natural way.


Bring Us to Your Center!

We adapt to your curriculum and centers celebrations, we prepare monthly home reviews and music lists for teachers and parents, immersing children in the Spanish language from day 1!


Bring Us to Your Home!

We are offering group classes in the comfort of your home, very interactive sessions based on music and movement where we also play games, bring puppets, read stories, do crafts, and more!  Sign up to join a group!


Private Online Sessions!

One-on-one tutoring online! The same style of sessions, based in interactive conversation were children repeat sentences and speak on every class from day 1!

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