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Public & Charter Schools

We create different programs that adapt to the different schools and communities in New York.

Depending on the children's interest and their curriculum, we create programs adapted to them. 

We have a variety of disciplines that we teach, from Spanish conversation, reading and writing, yoga and dance in Spanish, theater and role play, food tastings and cooking classes, arts and crafts, experiments and videography.

Some schools decide to combine different disciplines throughout the year and some decide to chose different disciplines on different schedules.

We create our own materials for our teachers and students, bring our own activities and games, all based on children's interest to develop their curiosity and be open to learning the language while having fun in a natural way. 

We also plan and create throughout the year different events to learn about different cultures and  festivities.

We are offering classes as part of the daily schedule and after school programs. We teach from Pre-K to K5.

Spanish for the Wee Young Ones